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precision cooling systems

Our experience in precision air conditioning for computer rooms, data rooms, switching stations and telecommunication facilities goes way back.


The evolution of our product has been underway for decades – in fact, we were one of the pioneer to enter this market.


The new Ecosaire precision cooling systems have been built on this experience and offer many exciting and advanced features including state-of-the-art controls, networkable units, air purification options and the highest energy efficiency in the market.

Ecosaire began its operations in 1972 as HIROSS Inc. It has been manufacturing precision environmental cooling systems
for over four decades now.


The company was purchased in 2000 by the Dectron Group to recently change hands again.


Ecosaire was purchased in June 2012 along with the refrigeration equipment manufacturing company Refplus Inc. by a group of Quebec based entrepreneurs and the Fondaction, a Quebec-based institutional investment fund.


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